The 16th Green

Golf's Majesty at Kingsmill Resort

One of the reasons why I’ve come to love playing golf is not because I find it a great game that takes a lifetime to master. That’s actually more of a reason NOT to like it.

But it does provide a built-in focus for finding vacation destinations. I almost never look to take a three-day getaway or a two-week vacation in a place where it’s unlikely that some golf will happen.

This is because golf courses can be so beautiful, especially those carved in the mountains and those landscaped next to water, like Kingsmill Resort’s River Course in Williamsburg, Virginia. This is a view of the green at the end of the 16th hole. With the massive James River in the background, the verdant fairway and solitary tree make for an approach shot that forces you to just stop and breathe for a minute. That calming moment should help take your mind off of landing in that sand trap on the left.

Even if that shot ends up in the bunker, though, it provides a chance to remember that one of golf’s truisms is also a great reminder for living your life: the most important shot you take is the next one.

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