Street Sign and Steeple

Street Sign and Steeple

In Athens, Greece.

I went to Athens during the midst of the Greek financial meltdown. It’s just such a fantastically interesting city that even the doldrums of the economy couldn’t damper the energy of the people and the splendor of the heritage.

This photo reminds me a lot of the city itself. The sign is clearly dirty, like there aren’t people or resources to keep it clean or maybe soot from the public buses. But looking past that, to the slightly distant and subtle beauty of the church and its design, you see something nice, special, and memorable.

Athens was like that at every turn. A little dirty and unkempt in spots, with sturdy magnificence popping up all around you. Most of the time you didn’t have to really look for it…it just popped up around a millennia-old corner or atop a well-worn hill.

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