Four Floors Down

Four Floors Down

In Sydney, Australia.

At the Queen Victoria Building, a grand old (19th century) very big building (takes up a city block) in downtown Sydney that is now a shopping mall. This shot looks down at shoppers from the fourth floor all the way down to the first.  If you check out my post Super Dome, you’ll see what looking up from this spot shows you.

As stately as the outside of the building is, the inside is as colorful and dynamic.

I remember being here in Sydney with a couple of guys…my friend Brian who’s the best running buddy a person could ask for and this young guy he knew, named Will, who wasn’t even 20 years old. Will was the son of some VERY wealthy people and while we were in this mall, he wanted to buy a gift for his girlfriend. His mother was with us and between the two of them they were looking for something that would be a nice token from the visit abroad. After much drama, they settled on a ring from a jewelry store worth a couple thousand dollars. This was not his wife, his fiancée, or fiancée-to-be, it was his girlfriend and he was still a teenager. It was unbelievable…I couldn’t imagine (and still can’t) having money like that. This was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to Will, his mother’s indulgent spoiling, and the profligate spending of that trip. If I post other pics from that trip, I’ll share another story or two.

That was an interesting trip. Sydney’s a pretty place with a mellow vibe and some memorable sights.

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