Wooden Fence at Gettysburg

Wooden Fence at Gettysburg

In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

The association I work for took a 2-day leadership retreat centered around lessons from the Battle of Gettysburg. Learned a lot about Generals Lee and Grant and various and sundry of their men. We walked the battlefields and (kind of) relived the pivotal moments and what led to the decisions that the commanders were making.

Through all of that, what I remember most was being struck viscerally by what the phrase “hallowed ground” means. They say that Gettysburg is the most haunted ground in the country. Shots like this sort of captured some of that sense and feeling.

It helped that on one day in particular, there was this foggy haze lingering for a long time, not burning off after a short period like fog tends to do. There really was something clearly and palpably haunting about the place, but not in a scary way.

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