Nice Knocker

Nice Knocker

In Washington, DC.

At the Frederick Douglass House, also known as Cedar Hill. I love it when people name their homes, not just going by the address. Names like Fallingwater, Graceland, and Biltmore evoke exotic, or just plain huge, mansions of the very rich. But regular people should get in the habit of naming their homes more. When I bought my house, I wanted to call it Casa Picante (Spicy House) because when I was in 9th grade, my Spanish teacher asked me what my Spanish name would be and I just blurted out “Marcos Picante.” A more literal choice might be something like “Burke’s End” because of where it’s located on one end of Burke Street, but that sounds like someone named Burke met his maker here.

We name everything else that we spend a lot of money on (think kids, pets, boats, cars), so why not your house?

What would you call your home?


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