Are These Lilies?

Are These Lilies?

In Evanston, Illinois.

At the Shakespeare Garden on the campus of Northwestern University. I wish I could name a flower on sight. Looks like orchids but I’m pretty sure they’re not and have no idea what they actually are. I think perhaps lilies. Can anybody confirm or correct that?

“Red Lily

Sitting by the oak door,
ajar for ventilation,
she sipped at the sweet, cold wine
and gazed once more at the lily.

The strange, scarlet, turk’s-cap blossom
began to uncurl like a purring cat
in welcome to the late June heat
which massaged each leaf.

The colour was hot and passionate
against the snow-coloured pinks,
the cool larkspurs and the stiff
chaste spikes of the madonnas.

Amongst these sweet pastilles
and white, wax virgin trumpets,
the fiery red lily had bloomed
for as long as she could remember.”

Keith Lobban


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