Iglesia y Cruz

Iglesia y Cruz

In Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The steeple atop the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Built around 1780.

I love the concept of “sanctuary.” Makes sense that an introvert like me would appreciate the notion of a place to go to safely and quietly contemplate life, existence, and spirituality. Unlike a “getaway,” which connotes an escape from something, “sanctuary” should be the goal not the means to some other end. Finding that time and space to exist in soulful sanctuary is a daily must, no matter where it is or how long you can stay there.

by Julia Cole

In the corner of my mind
Is an invisible garden
Surrounded by an invisible fence
Through the garden is a path
That leads to a little house
This is my hiding place

This is the place
Where I can run in hide
My sanctuary
My calm and peaceful home
Away from the cares of the world


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