The Tops

Washington Monument TopsIn Washington, DC.

So, my wife and I live about 3 miles from the Washington Monument and neither of us have been inside of it.  For much of the past few years, it’s been under scaffolding for various repairs (the latest time coming after the 2011 earthquake damaged it) or renovations.  But it’s also one of the things that you don’t really go see unless you have friends or family come visit you from out of town and you want to play tourist.  This is a common refrain for many people who live in “touristy” cities like DC–right down the street is something that millions of people from all over the world come thousands of miles to see, and to you it’s something you actually try to avoid to not be bothered by those very visitors.  At best, your mindset just takes it for granted that you can see it anytime while a family from Paducah or Prague or Pretoria or Punjab might only be able to do once.  “Not this weekend…we can go check it out next weekend.”  Next weekend, the cold, the rain, the heat, the chores, or something else bumps it yet again.

Well, summer’s starting to wind down, and the days are getting shorter and will be too cold before we know it, so we need to stop taking it for granted and make the short trek.  Hmm…but this weekend I’m going to Chicago and Jacquie is heading to Vegas.  Next weekend, we’ll both be in Chicago, so the weekend after that, we must ride up to the top of Monument.  Come to think of it we might be too tired from all that travel to touristy places, so maybe we’ll go the weekend after that…

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