Take A Seat…Any Seat

Lodge Yard

In Stevenson, Washington.

The main lawn at the Skamania Lodge resort.  Serene scenery, great golf, and a gorgeous, well, gorge.  My job often takes me to meetings and conferences and workshops in locations that I lament are an hour’s drive or more from the airport.  In nearly every trip like that, I look forward to getting to my hotel room already, dreading the drive ahead of me after a long flight.

I dreaded the drive to Skamania Lodge too…but once I hit the road and got into the proper Columbia River Gorge region, I was blown away by the amazing natural beauty all around and actually felt a little sad to have arrived at the lodge.  And then, after I settled into the room, I walked around the grounds to get the lay of the land and some fresh air, I was left speechless by the jaw-dropping splendor of the surrounding environment.

Between the beautiful landscapes carved by the Columbia River Gorge marvels you see driving to this place, and the spectacular setting of the Lodge grounds itself, I’m still wondering (after ten years since visiting) if the journey or the destination was more enjoyable.

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