Petaled Grace

Balboa Rose Garden Petals

In San Diego, California. At the Rose Garden in Balboa Park.

“The Rose is gowned in petaled grace and lovely beyond telling;
She always lifts a friendly face, regardless of her dwelling.
Her golden silence can express to us, no matter where, joy shared;
give solace in distress from those who fondly care.
The Rose has ways of saying things we much delight to hear;
without a spoken word, she brings and keeps our loved ones near.”

~Laura S. Beck

To get to the Rose Garden, you have to cross a pedestrian bridge after you reach the main fountain.  It was a very quiet, less trodden part of the massive park.  It seemed that most people, as I did, walked to the fountain as a sort of destination, rested for a while, and then walked back from whence they came, since the park’s well-known and more obvious attractions were along the Prado.

Going a little further, a little beyond, than you originally planned, often yields surprising rewards.

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