Graffiti Mixto

Graffiti Mixto

In Barcelona, Spain.

So, there are a couple of things that are interesting here.

  1. Notice that the graffiti itself is a mix of a few different styles.  Click the photo for a primer on the different styles of graffiti and come back to see how many and which styles you can identify here.
  2. Notice that the graffiti is painted on what appears to be a boarded up window or small door. You can see the slats.  What’s interesting about that is that all throughout the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, you can see much graffiti, but all of it is painted on either the metal or wood doors of shops and storefronts used to close up the stalls for the day.  None of the graffiti is actually sprayed or painted on the walls of the centuries-old buildings themselves.  It’s as if the artists have respect for the buildings and find them to be off-limits. Watch for more posts upcoming that exemplify the reverence graffitists hold for the old stone structures.



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