Bloomin’ Bark

Blossoms BarkIn Washington, DC

It’s Cherry Blossom Festival time in D.C. (and elsewhere!).  Delicate petals of beautiful blooms against the tough and textured tree bark of a gifted cherry tree along the Tidal Basin.

People have seemingly forever loved to marvel at the fleeting preciousness of blossoming cherry trees.  Perhaps the best marveler of them all was 17th century Japanese poet Kobayashi Issa, who penned an endless trove of blossom-inspired poetry.  One of the good ones that could’ve been written today:

“The cure for
This raucous world…
Late cherry blossoms.”

If you’ve ever been to watch a cherry blossom bonanza, you know exactly what he means. If you haven’t been to one, start planning right now.


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