img_2317In Chicago, Illinois

At the Art Institute, detail from the painting “City” by Edward Ruscha. From Wikipedia:

“Since 1964, Ruscha has been experimenting regularly with painting and drawing words and phrases, often oddly comic and satirical sayings alluding to popular culture and life in LA. When asked where he got his inspiration for his paintings, Ruscha responded, ‘Well, they just occur to me; sometimes people say them and I write down and then I paint them. Sometimes I use a dictionary.’ From 1966 to 1969, Ruscha painted his ‘liquid word’ paintings…as if with liquid spilled, dribbled or sprayed over a flat monochromatic surface.”

I love cities, I love words, and I love art, so seems natural I’d really like this one (makes sense it was painted in the year I was born).

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