Blue Streaks

dscn4626In San Diego, California

Two portions of the curved deck of the San Diego Coronado Bay Bridge.  While the overall bridge lacks the beauty or grandiosity of picturesque suspension bridges like the Golden Gate or Brooklyn Bridges, there are a couple of cool things I like about this bridge:

  1. It’s curved.  Most conventional, typical bridge spans are pretty much straight lines, but this one is a great big hook, which is why this shot of the deck may appear to be two different spans merging together.  Check out this aerial shot for a top view of the rather unique curvature of the span. The curvature and the cool blue color gives it a nice “wave”-like character.
  2. It’s pretty tall, even if not all that unusually long.  It had to be a minimum height to allow for huge naval ships and aircraft carriers to pass safely beneath.  In fact, it’s curved in order to allow enough space for an reasonable grade in the road to get to the height it needs to be in the distance it has to traverse.  A straight line path would be too steep to reach the necessary height.
  3. No toll (currently).  When you reach the Coronado side, you pass though a ghost-town of a toll booth plaza without having to pay a cent.  When it opened, you had to pay toll in order to pay for the cost of the bridge.  In 2002, it became toll-free, 16 years after the bond to build the bridge was repaid by toll revenue.

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