Sky Pods

At National Harbor, Maryland.

The Capitol Wheel near Washington DC is about 180 feet tall. This is smallish by world Ferris Wheel standards, with the largest in the US coming in at about 3 times as high. That would be the High Roller in, of course, Las Vegas which soars up to 550 feet, currently the tallest in the world.

That’s until the Dubai Eye begins to slowly spin, when its construction is complete and it opens to the public, which will be a whopping 820 feet high, close to 60 stories tall!! COVID has delayed its opening since it was supposed to open during the Expo 2020 World’s Fair that got canceled/postponed.

The US has another wheel in the top 10 list: the 400-foot tall Wheel at Icon Park, in Orlando FL, but most of the dozen or so tallest wheels in the world are in Asian countries, including Singapore, Taiwan, China, and Japan. The London Eye is the only European entry in the world’s top 10 tallest Ferris Wheels. When it opened it 2000, its 443 feet made it the world’s tallest, but now it’s fifth.

The Wheel Wars is definitely a thing so far this century!! Case in point: according to Wikipedia, there were at least 66 fixed Ferris Wheels built in the world since 2000. In the more than 100 years between the first at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 and 1999, there were 28. Interestingly, no African nations have a Ferris Wheel listed on the Wikipedia entry about Ferris Wheels, but they exist (at least one each in Algeria, South Africa, and Kenya; with one being planned for Egypt). Similarly, the Ferris Wheels wiki includes no listings of wheels in Latin America, but there is an 88-meter tall one in Rio de Janeiro, which opened in 2019, surpassing La Perla in Ecuador, as Latin America’s tallest. I’m sure there’s more.

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