Building Blocks

Somewhere outside Barcelona, Spain.

Simple messages in simple settings can be so powerful as building blocks to inspiration.

This basic graffiti on a basic wall in a rural town translates into “Love never forgets.”

A couple more simple-but-powerful messages that came to my attention in different ways today that spoke to me:

“When you choose, and it is a choice that we have to make on a daily basis, to try to make your part of the world bright, just, good, safe, you can affect what happens there.  And if each of us does that, in aggregate it can make a big difference.” — Captain “Sully” Sullenberger

And this video shows so powerfully how one person can make a part of the world bright, just, good, and safe, even if just for a short time. A simple but deeply moving testimony to the beauty of hope, trust, togetherness, and compassion.

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