Twin Crosses

In San Juan Capistrano, California

Two wooden crosses above a patio courtyard area on the grounds of the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Built in 1776, the history of this very popular mission includes surviving (or not) a couple of major earthquakes. Standing amidst the ruins of the main stone church that still stand, you get a strong sense of how large it must have been in its full glory and can imagine the devastation that must’ve ensued as the huge stone dome collapsed for the final time.

But the main claim to fame these days is the annual swallows migration that happens in Capistrano (have you heard the song about it? or remember the Looney Tunes cartoon?). Many of the famed swallows nest in the eaves, nooks, and crannies of many of the mission’s buildings. Their arrival in March every year heralds the arrival of springtime and the town of San Juan Capistrano hosts a major festival to celebrate (though one could argue that it pretty much feels like spring most of the year!).

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