Simplicity Renown

In San Diego, California.

At a garden in Balboa Park. I think this is a Black-Eyed Susan, but there are so many varieties of Rudbeckia, it’s hard for me to know for sure that this is actually Rudbeckia Hirta, especially since most have petals that hang down, not as upturned as those in this shot. So, given my uncertainty, this poem questioning the name of the Black-eyed Susan seems appropriate.

“Black-eyed Susan~
The name doesn’t fit:
Your eye’s not an eye–
So much like brown velvet.

The Hebrew Shoshanna
The name of the lily.
But you’re the cousin
Of the sunflower and daisy.

Susan, oh Susan,
You old friend of mine,
What then was your name
When the Maker made time?

Yellow for joy~
Reminder of heaven–
Multi flowers in brown–
Keeper of secrets,
In simplicity renown.”

Black-Eyed Susan, by Marie Byars

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