In Oceanside, California.

On the grounds of the Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, the largest of the 26 California missions.

It’s Easter Sunday, so in addition to a relevant photo, I thought it appropriate to seek a quote that spoke to me of its significance. While the Easter celebration is one of the two supreme hallmarks of Christian faith (Christmas being the other), I was looking for something that didn’t sound or feel too “churchy.” Came across this quote from Robert Flatt, a photographer who really took to the art after learning he had Parkinson’s disease:

“The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction, and the opportunity to start over, no matter what my circumstances.”

For me, simply put, faith is having belief in an unseen and/or future promise of something even without direct scientific proof. Working to power through difficult or harsh circumstances with the belief that the reward (however you define it) will come is faith in action. Whether that faith is driven by belief that a higher power will bestow the reward (however you define it) is what makes religion a religion, I suppose. The resurrection story is a reminder to me, whether driven by belief in Christ or something else, you can overcome your challenges, someway somehow, in this life or the next.

Is belief in the unseen faith, brainwashing, or delusion?

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