In Mill Run, Pennsylvania

On the grounds of the majestic Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright.

I just learned that today, August 15, holds a chilling and gruesome place in the life of America’s greatest architect. On this day in 1914, Wright’s home Taliesen in Spring Green Wisconsin was burnt to the ground by his cook after he’d axe-murdered seven people in the home, including Wright’s mistress who lived in the house with him, and her two children, while Wright was away on a business trip. After the house was rebuilt, it burned down again–this time in 1925 after an electrical fire. It was rebuilt a third time and has (so far) survived unscathed by disaster, though Wright did lose it to foreclosure (only to regain ownership thanks to a gifts from his students and fans). Crazy.

I’ve been to Taliesen West in Scottsdale Arizona, which is pretty fantastic, but now feel compelled to check out the phoenix that is Taliesen III.

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