In Los Angeles, California

On the campus of the University of Southern California in Alumni Memorial Park, this sculpture, “Youth Triumphant,” stands atop a fountain dedicated in 1935. Since then, the fountain has been restored after severe damage due to a windstorm in the late 1970’s and a general overhaul to spruce it up in 2004. At almost 90 years old, perhaps longevity, endurance, and rejuvenation should be more celebrated than “youth.”

More interestingly, the brick-faced tower blurred in the photo’s background is part of the Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow Center for International and Public Affairs. Though that building itself is not new, its name is. It was renamed in April of 2022 after the original name was stripped due to the racist legacy and actions of its former namesake, Rufus von KleinSmid, a former USC president who was a prominent supporter of the eugenics movement.

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