A picture is worth a thousand words.

For a long time, people have complemented my ability to take good pictures. Granted, these have been family, friends, and co-workers, not photography or media critics.  They have always advised, “You should do something with your pictures. Enter them in contests or publish a book.”  I’ve made a few books using iPhoto, a calendar or two, and some posts on my Facebook and Flickr pages.  For some reason, posting to Facebook and Flickr makes me feel like I’m giving up my pictures to someone else and that they are no longer truly and solely mine.  I suppose that’s the point of photo-sharing to a degree, but the feeling of ownership and control is something that made me think about pushing my pics through a blog of my own.  Thus, this blog.

32squared is designed strictly as a platform for me to share my pictures from my various travels close to and far from home.  Pictures are inherently a reflection of an infinitely small moment in time.  What those moments mean and how they came to be can only be explained by the taker, though the feelings they invoke in the viewer can take many directions.

Why “32squared”?  Well, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  The square root of 1000 is just less than 32.  Not only is each picture worth a thousand words, but it is also worth some degree of deconstruction, using words (fewer than 1000, though) to expose something about its parts, while the viewer takes in his or her own interpretation of the whole.

How to navigate the posts?  It’s pretty simple:

  • The most recent posts are pushed to the home page.  Scroll through to peruse them.
  • Click on the headline to see the full post on its own page.
  • Most posts have links embedded in the pics, so click on them to go elsewhere on the web for added content related to the pic’s subject matter.
  • I’d love to see what you think, so leave a comment.
  • Click the “follow” button to leave your email and get pinged when a new post is up.
  • Click the “32squared” title in the header to get back to the home page.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, and find meaning in the inspiration they may give.  Would love to hear what you think, so please do leave some comments as you peruse.  Thanks!


One comment

  1. Love! I am so glad you’re finally doing this. It’s a treat to have seen many of these pictures in context of your actual trips, now to see them displayed for what they truly are … art. Thank you for sharing your beauty with us, Mark.


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