Trilogy Flags

Trilogy Flags
On the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Maui, Hawaiian Islands.

These are the nautical flags on the whale watching catamaran Trilogy (and as such, the flags actually spell out “Trilogy”).

You might be thinking, “If you went whale watching, why not post some photos of the whales?!”  Well, that’s because I don’t have any good photos of the whales.  In fact, I pretty much missed all the best views of the breaches that happened while we were asea.  The ocean is so vast, it’s tough to be looking in the right spot at the right time, unless a whale is really very close to the boat.  Invariably, when I was looking to the right, a whale would breach to the left.  By the time you snap your head around and get the camera up to your eye, all you’d see is ripple effect from the splash.  I caught a couple of fins poking out, but not a full-on whale-out-of-the-water breach.

So, we’ll have to go back to Maui to try again.

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